Enter your Authorization Code here

On this screen the client will enter the Authorization Code purchased to reserve the date and will also have to Agree to the Terms and Conditions to proceed to the next step. Click here to view the Terms and Conditions.
Create Password

On this screen a password will be created that the client will be required to enter to use the advanced features of the photo booth. Please remember the password!!
Opening Screen

This screen displays how many prints are remaining. The client will also have the choice of either going straight to taking pictures or click the advanced features button in the top right. The advanced features include making extra prints, customizing the print layout locking the photo booth among others.
Advanced Features

This screen displays and allows the client to select the advanced features of the photo booth.
Customize Layout Screen One

This screen is self explanitory. Can either go to taking pictures or else opt to customize the layout again or for the first time. Saved layouts are name by date and time that it was saved.
Customize Layout Screen Two

This screen is also self explanitory. The client will optionally add text choose a font and color and add a background to the layout. If none of the above is desired please still click on the buttons and then hit the ok without changing anything.
Customize Layout Screen Three

Another self explanitory screen. The final review of the clients layout before they go to taking pictures.
Extra Prints Screen One

The user will have to scroll until the desired picture to print is in view. Then click on the picture to select it for printing.
Extra Prints Screen Two

After a picture has been selected for printing extra copies a confirmation dialog will show prompting the user to confirm the proper image has been selected.
Lock Photo Booth

This screen will allow the client to lock the photo booth so it will be unavailable to the guests. This can be useful when something is taking place that the client would like the guests full attention. Enter the password you created when entering your authorization code to unlock.